Why We Serve

What would it be like to be extracted from your house and move to another country? How hard would it be to learn a new language? How to learn about a new culture?

This is how many refugees and immigrants feel when they arrive in Indianapolis. Welcome Baskets direct new immigrants to resources where they would become acquainted with topics such as:

  • Transportation–learning how to access and use public transportation
  • New Community–learning about Indianapolis
  • Cultural change, English–the importance of learning English and providing resources
  • Education–school requirements for children
  • Employment and health

The overarching purpose is to assist refugees and immigrant individuals and families in assimilating into our community while preserving their culture and history.

Welcoming our neighbors with baskets is the first step. We collect household necessities and assemble them into Welcome Baskets for the Bath or Bedroom.

Bathroom in a Basket

Packaged in a laundry basket:
• Plastic shower curtain/rings*
• Small wastebasket
• Bath towels*
• Hand towels*
• Toilet paper*
• Combs/brushes*
• Laundry detergent*

Bedroom in a Basket

Packaged in a laundry basket:
Bedding sizes, twin, full, or queen
• Sheet set
• Blankets
• Comforter full size
• 2 Pillow Cases

Cleaning Closet in a Basket

• Mop
• Broom and dustpan
• Sponges
• Scrub brush
• Liquid Dish Soap
• Paper Towel
• Laundry Baskets