Thanksgiving Donations

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This year, we have served 100 families.


Thanksgiving and Christmas festivals are times to reflect with gratitude, celebrate the opportunities the year has brought us, and commune with our families through the sharing and preparation of food.

We thank you for your generous donation that made the event possible. Your gift helps people like Mugabo. Mugabo will have food for Thanksgiving this year.


Volunteers came to help us prepare for the event and distribute supplies on the event day.

New Families

The new family is grateful for their new American home and the kind welcome they have received.

Donated Supplies

We are collecting food and other essentials to make the event a success:

Cooking oil
Bags of rice and beans
Vegetables(Potatoes, Onions, Tomatoes, etc)
Winter jackets/cloths


We served chicken rather than turkey – since many of our clients have never heard of the big bird, we also provided other essential supplies to refugee families in a festival-like setting.

“Thankful and grateful for everything”


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